This website deals specifically with Socially Responsible Procurement (SRP) as defined in the ISO 20400 standard and was put together during the development process for the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement standard. In 2015, several technical committee members joined forces to find ways to convey the standard to organisations in both the public and the private sector. The combination of the Netherlands’ leading (and the world’s 3rd) procurement association: NEVI, which has also supplied the chairwoman of the technical committee: Karin van IJsselmuide, and the administrator of over 31,000 standards, NEN, which has now even received the designation ‘Royal’, making it the Royal Netherlands Standardisation Institute, plus two technical committee members from the very beginning, Hans Kröder and myself, Karin Thomas, has created a cast-iron foundation for the organisation of high-quality training programmes.

On request

During the development of the international standard for Sustainable Procurement, sounding board sessions were organised to bounce ideas off potential users of the standard. We also asked them whether there was any appetite among them for SRP training based on the ISO 20400 standard. Examples of why they did see a need for such training include:

  1. Verbal explanation of the wording of the standard: getting to the point quickly.
  2. Need for insight into the thinking behind the development of the standard. The trainers are therefore all technical committee members who have attended committee meetings both at a national and at an international level.
  3. Guidance for the first steps of SRP.
  4. Enabling professionals to share real-life experiences and cases.
  5. An organisation cannot be ISO 20400 certified. However, certification of procurement professionals will allow organisations and individual procurement professionals to show how serious they are about investing in SRP to optimize results.

Trainers | Members Technical Committee Sustainable Procurement

Karin van IJsselmuide
Karin van IJsselmuideDutch Chair Technical Committee ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement
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Karin Thomas
Karin ThomasMember Technical Committee ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement
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Hans Kröder
Hans KröderMember Technical Committee ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement
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