ISO 20400 – Sustainable Procurement

ISO 20400 is the standard for Sustainable Procurement. Sustainable Procurement is also referred to as Socially Responsible Procurement (SRP). SRP means that products or services procured by an organisation have the lowest possible negative and highest possible positive environmental, social, and economic impact. SRP is however not an abstract idealistic goal, but is in fact very practical and realistic, and suited for both private-sector and public-sector organisations, regardless of their size. Professional procurement departments, but also smaller organisations without a professional procurement set-up, can find a basis for their SRP efforts in the standard.

About ISO & NEN

ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation. As a global federation, ISO’s membership is made up of national standards bodies, one of which is the Royal Netherlands Standardisation Institute, abbreviation in Dutch: NEN. The actual work in terms of developing a standard is done by national committee members and ISO technical committees, which in the case of the Netherlands are facilitated by NEN.

Click the picture for a video put together by NEN explaining standardisation.

SRP is an approach by which an organisation makes a contribution to sustainability. Actual SRP practices are as such that any organisation, regardless of their current sustainability credentials, can consider to pursue SRP. If managed adequately, SRP can produce new sustainability initiatives or otherwise inspire innovations or collaboration. On top of that, SRP can boost an organisation’s performance through, for example, better-quality (procured) products and services or better risk management.

Our training programmes hand participants inspiring examples and help them get started in adopting SRP at their respective organisations.